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Description of the Book:

These poems are moments of honesty. We’ve all had moments of anxiety, moments of heartbreak, self-hatred, sadness. We’ve also had moments of pride, moments of hope, moments of gratitude. This book explores those moments with metaphors and in-your-face statements that will resonate with any human experiencing life.

Truth of a Moment

  • Author's Name: Aliyah Saddler
    About the Author: She didn’t know she’d have to write about herself in third-person like this, but it’s a requirement so… Aliyah has been writing for almost ten years, now. She started in middle school with random stories about random topics, and while she enjoyed it, the thing that changed her life was poetry. She wrote a poem about how things would be different for a girl, if only she knew her true beauty. It moved her. But the thing that made her love it was the way it moved people. From that moment on, she decided that she wanted to write poetry that moved people, that ministered to people. Cause you gotta know that she’s a firm believer of Yahweh. (That’s God’s Name in Hebrew). “Truth of a Moment” allowed her to do that. Minister to people through honesty.
    Book ISBN: 9781005997809


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