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Description of the Book:

The following collection of poetry is more an amalgamation of moods that can be seen as a progression through either a singular compacted period of time or a more expansive recurrence of sun soaked contemplation. In between these pages lie honey coloured sunlight and the sounds of the sea, the ephemeral quality of how the breeze can clear your mind.

There is rapid movement here, a reconnecting with the earth, with the ways of nature that we can find ourselves cut off from. A leaving behind of all that is familiar in the quest for better self actualisation.
There is the soft sadness of waiting. Of a beach holiday that is no longer fun. Of waiting for something better to come. In some scenes you are not you, you but older, watching a steamy bar through the eyes of someone who has seen too much of the world. Another place you are unsure of everything so you move around with all the lights turned off.

The salt in the air crystallises on your skin as the reality of unkept promises starts to sink in. One of these poems was written with a blindfold on, dictated only in the company of pineapple and rum. I can't tell you which one. Some poems bring a clarity of thought, as with 'Saltwater Sojourn', others are the by product of notes hurriedly written like 'Rules for Buying Bananas'. These poems are the end result of mulling over many misunderstandings, questioning what happens after you find fault lines in the masterplan.

Tropical Misgivings

  • Author Name: Rohan Dahiya
    About the Author: Rohan Dahiya is an author poet and visual artist based in Gurugram, navigating the world of fiction and poetry through intuitive work. Some of the key themes he likes to explore involve queer identity, solitude, and seeking the ephemeral with the occasional touch of quantum theories. He has previously been published with Bloomsbury India and Blackbuck Publication, and self published an artzine during the pandemic.
    Book ISBN: 9781005900854


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