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Description of the Book :


Trigger Warning is a collection of poems that tell a story of healing through trauma, plus a few extras. These 20 poems contain the anger, hurt, and love that comes with the human experience.

Trigger Warning

  • Author's Name :  Meghan Jobson
    About the Author :  "Trigger Warning" is Meghan Jobson's first published book, although her writing has been gracing the ears of her family since she was a small child. Meghan spent much of her education writing short stories and holding an aggressive disdain for poetry. She went on and earned her BA in History and English Literature from the University of Alberta where poetry became her creative outlet. Meghan spent her formative years in the Foothills of Alberta, Canada. She often joked about wanting to "run away and live in a cabin in the woods." Now, she's settled in the prairies, she lives with her partner, cats, dogs, chickens and gecko, in a beautiful log cabin in the woods.
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