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Description of the Book:

A book of poems. A woman longing for home. She repeatedly tries to cut her long story short, but fails. Welcome to the world of a woman who fights her inner demons instead of taming them, and bleeds in the battle between her own selves. She never loses the courage to write, resist and rejuvenate in a cityscape which is not meant for her.


  • Author Name: Sangeeta Banerjee
    About the Author: Sangeeta Banerjee has completed her M.A. in English from University of Calcutta (College Street Campus) and is currently pursuing B.Ed. She is a member of the Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library, Kolkata. She engages herself frequently into various literary and artistic activities, and her works have been published in "Setu Bilingual Journal", "Muse India", "Teesta - An international Journal", "Contemporary Vibes", "Elixir of Words" and "Illusion of Separation."
    Book ISBN: 9781005447632


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