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Description of the Book:


When you get tired from hours of staring into mindless screens, what do you do? Times when you do not know what to do with yourself, testing times; unavoidable moments of awkwardness; inevitable days of disharmony or just lazy hours of a Sunday afternoon? "Trees in Motion' is a collection of twenty soulful poems that hopes to fill your time with something more than the hustle of life. A mixed bag of thoughts, the poems touch upon shared emotions of love, grief, fear, happiness among others; emotions that affect us profoundly, but often slip by unnoticed among the regular bustle.

Trees in Motion

  • Author Name:  Juno Negi
    About the Author:
    Juno was born and brought up in Delhi, with one foot in the Garhwal hills. Her tryst with writing as a creative outlet happened in the early years of her childhood. Most of her writings revolve around the mundane, simple, often overlooked observations on life, nature, and personal transformation. Eldest among three siblings, she has higher degrees in Anthropology and Zoology. When not in the grip of a book or a pen, she can be found entwined in any one of the yogasanas. She blogs at (Words for Thoughts). Some of her writings have been published by the national daily, The Hindu; Current Conservation among others. She also writes in Hindi and Garhwali, a fact that surprises many. “Gratitude”, and “Recycle” are two words she believes can make a lot of difference in the world.


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