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Description of the Book:


Traverse-life back and forth, reveals poetry of longing, love, loss, trauma, healing and femininity. It is been considered a journey and reflection through years of experiences and expressions. In this debut collection of poems, Vinija bares her soul. She delves in the highs and lows in various stages of life where the reader would be taken as a fellow traveler to witness the love, grief, desires, hope, and world issues.

TRAVERSE : Life Back and Forth

  • Author's Name: Vinija Vishwanath
    About the Author: When she was eight, the stories and characters in grandma’s home in village fascinated her to find herself holding onto an old book shelf and the pile of books in it. With time, she kept learning to express one’s own feelings and emotions through musings and doodles. Vinija is an educator, who is currently making memories in Mumbai. Traverse-life back and forth, is her debut book with a collection of poems.
    Book ISBN: 9781005961305


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