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Description of the Book:


This book encapsulates the meaning of the Welsh word hiraeth as the poems delve deeper into the concept of that longing for a place that feels like home. Each poem weaves a tapestry of emotions that throws light on the essence of a home and what it feels like to long for one.

Train of thoughts

SKU: 9789363316775
  • Author's Name: Naphirisa Kordor Tariang

    About the Author: Naphirisa is an author who frequently likes to ride trains of thoughts to places that she has lived before. With an unreined imagination, her mind travels the length and breath of the earth. As her heart unceasingly beats for the land of the red dragon, she carves a home with words that expressly sing of the unwavering love for the place steeped in lores and poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9789363316775
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