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Description of the Book:

Many of us have two sides to ourselves. The first one is the sweet, caring and enjoyable side like toffee and the second one, like coffee, is dark, bitter and addicting. What we fail to realise is that an excess of toffee, just like an excess of coffee, can be very harmful to us. This book gives us a taste of both these sides, and shifts between poems about family, love, joy, ambition, revenge and betrayal.

Toffee And Coffee

  • Author's Name: Mansi Rai
    About the Author: Mansi is a 17 year old who, like other 17 year olds, enjoys watching her favourite shows, listening to songs, and reading novels. She is a passionate mental health advocate, and runs her own mental health organisation called Teens Together Foundation. She loves travelling to new places and meeting new people amongst several other things like being the entertaining host for events in and out of school, cracking lame jokes to brighten up people's days, "stress baking", creating comedic content on social media platforms and being the life of the party. Mansi wrote a lot of stories and comics as a kid, but most of them were left unfinished due to a lack of motivation, school and life in general. She, however, had never tried writing poems before. It wasn't until her teacher made her write one for a competition that she realised she had the ability to write poems which she could nurture. Within a span of 20 days, she finished writing the poems for this book. The experience taught her a lot about persistence, hard work, and her own self. She wishes to continue writing poetry in the future!
    Book ISBN: 9781005825270


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