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Description of the book:

Love. Some say love is a beautiful experience . Some say love is a painful agony. Some say love makes you weak, while some might say love gives you strength. In reality, it's harsh, cold and demanding. It is exacting and arrogant. It is terrifyingly ethereal. This short collection of poems will rake the memories of your heartbreak, and remind you of your strength and courage, and how you survived. These poems are a reminder that you are not alone. A reminder that it might take time, it might scar, it might never be the same again, but you will heal. "To you, From me" will take readers on a journey of the universally shared emotion known as heartbreak. These poems will make you laugh at the innocence of love that gave too much, at the same time it will make you cry for the one who was left behind. These are the words that will resonate with you, these are the rhythms of a melancholic heart.

To you, From me

  • Author Name: Pakhi Sahaji
    About the Author: The author is an alumni of Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Bengali and Chinese, and writes in the same. She prides herself on being a free soul, just like her name, which means bird. She is a chronic patient of a global pandemic known as heart break. She fails at her attempts at hiding her hurt with humour and is often known as being unpunny. Even though she has been out of the closet for a while, she can often be found in the closet with a bucket of ice cream, crying. 'To you, From me' is her first attempt at writing a book and perhaps hundredth attempt at finding true love.


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