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Description of the Book :


To the Moon is a collection of romantic poems, fantasizing life’s simple moments here on earth, while dreaming of being in outer space amongst the moon and the stars. It inspires you to never give up and to trust that the universe will always bring you to your greatest love. It reminds you to revel in the sweet moments with your lover, like laying in bed on a quiet Saturday morning while sipping your coffee together, or enjoying a peaceful night under the stars in your lover’s arms. We as humans long for love; tangible, yet inexplicable. Magical, yet mysterious. My God, isn’t it incredible to be enamored with something we cannot touch, but can feel so deeply in our souls? Luna Lynn’s words will take you to another world, as you get lost in a dream state of romance, wonder and awe, leaving you wanting more.

To the Moon

  • Author's Name : Luna Lynn 
    About the Author : Luna Lynn is a Brooklyn based poet and spoken word artist. She has a romantic style, specializing in themes such as love, self-love, nature and the universe. She loves to romanticize even the simplest of moments, inspiring others to look for love and beauty in their lives. She has been writing poetry for eight years, and has previously published a poetry and photography book, “Fearless” in collaboration with New York City based photographer, Jonathan Red, focusing on body image and self-love. She has performed spoken word at several venues in New York City, performing both solo shows and collaborations with several dancers in the city. To stay up to date with her latest work, follow @lunalynn.poetry on Instagram.
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