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Description of the Book:


A snapshot of depression, hope, change and self-reflection. And a reminder to love oneself. This collection of poems was put together during an incredibly difficult time. It is a window into the struggle of change and hardship alongside those important moments of hope and joy. It is a glimpse of a longer process, that so many of us go through when experiencing turmoil. It is a reminder of the strength you have within, but that it is okay to hurt and to feel broken.

To The Girl Who Became Her Own Hero

  • Author Name: Shayla Rose
    About the Author: Shayla Rose is a writer living in Ontario, Canada, born in Belleville. She’s always gone to writing throughout her life for both the good and bad times, but especially the hard. She is currently finishing her BA in Psychology and Business. She plans to pursue a career in therapy and research on mental health.
    Book ISBN: 9789174338775


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