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Description of the Book:


Step into a world of raw emotional exploration through a decade-spanning collection of poetry and musings.

Spanning from 2023 to 2013, this anthology encapsulates the growth, evolution, and self-discovery of the author, capturing the essence of youth's idealism and hope.

"to live is to sin" is a lyrical exploration of the enduring human spirit or the lack of it. It's an intimate conversation between author and reader, a journey of self-discovery, and a testament to the resilience of the human heart.

Embark on this poetic odyssey with Ananya as she delves into the essence of youth, the art of mistakes, and the spirit that navigates us through challenges, whether they emerge from the depths of our souls or are thrust upon us by the world.

to live is to sin

SKU: 9789358736205
  • Author's Name: Ananya Prabhullan

    About the Author: Ananya Prabhullan has nurtured her passion for writing since the age of eleven. Her poetic voice is a blend of introspection, vivid imagery, and emotional depth, offering readers a contemplative exploration of human emotions, relationships, and self-identity. Ananya's poems intertwine various themes, ranging from the intricate facets of identity and self-perception to the evocative undercurrents of nostalgia and longing. Her work delves into family dynamics, deftly capturing the complexity of human connections. Through contrasting emotions, she weaves a rich narrative that explores love, pain, and authenticity. Heritage serves as a vibrant thread in Ananya's recent writing as she draws inspiration from her experiences as a university student in the United Kingdom. Her poems are infused with symbols and memories that explore her cultural identity and what it means to be Indian.
    Book ISBN: 9789358736205
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