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Description of the Book:


A collection of poems about the intricacies of the human psyche. Ranging from a violent soliloquy of one's self esteem to the question of "what is my purpose", these poems underscore the inner conflicts and hidden battles that we fight everyday. In a journey with the goal of self actualization, but ultimately achieving self acceptance, these poems include snippets of conversations you've perhaps had with yourself in the mirror. Often times, ones will stifle their own flame, but in these poems, you can see how someone can nurture the light.

To Finally See Clearly Now

SKU: 9789360948559
  • Author's Name: Sofia Bances

    About the Author: Sofia Bances is an avid writer and poet based in Miami. She spends her free time often reading or ballroom dancing. Her writing can range from full-length novels to short sonnets. She started writing as a teen and aspires for others to grow through their writing as she did. Her first publication, "With my Heart and Prose" is also a compilation of poems, but of love.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948559
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