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Description of the Book:

"To live is to die." All those that live, must ultimately die, but the process there may be different for all. Some find war, the cries and fears of their kinsmen. Others heartbreak and misery due to events out of their control. However, in between the tragedy, there is also the good, something worth living for. That is what we hold on to, like a beacon of light in the darkness. After all, if we are all meant to die, shouldn't we enjoy the ride?

To Be Human: All that it Means

  • Author's Name: Mitali Sharma
    About the Author: The author has lived most of her life in Australia, moving from state to state. She is currently happily residing in Queensland, with her family and new dog. She has grown up reading novels from when she was seven and has a compulsion to read several books a week. From this compulsion, there is also one to write her own stories. This may be her first attempt at a book of poetry.


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