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Description of the Book:

This collection of poems weaves through themes of loneliness, trauma, familial relationships, and of feeling lost and wanting more, while also leaning into those heavier feelings and hard truths to find moments of joy, acceptance, self-love, and connection. It explores feelings and experiences ranging from childhood to adulthood.

To Be Golden

  • Author Name : Christena Carollo
    About the Author : Christena Carollo is a University of Florida graduate who studied journalism with an outside concentration in creative writing. As an avid reader growing up, books and words and make-believe worlds were her greatest solace. She found a home in writing and expressing her feelings through poems and short stories. When she’s not writing though, she enjoys caring for horses in her hometown in South Florida and spending time with loved ones. She also enjoys traveling, buying books (more than she can even keep up with), meeting new people, listening to music (anything from classical to K-pop), and discovering new local vegetarian-friendly restaurants or cozy coffee shops.


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