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Description of the Book :


Tender and despairing one page and seething with anger the next, tiny conversations is a quiet, sometimes whimsical reflection on the dialogues with share with every. tiny. thing. around us. Friends, fathers, fridges: from people who are long gone and the voices that live inside us to the air we breathe and the asshole bird that always shits on the laundry, Linda Chen's debut chapbook rattles and screams from the inside out – but someone has turned it on mute. tiny conversations reaches out to those who ache to remember how to listen, who know how to hear in the silence, and to those rail and rage but still somehow remain unheard.

Tiny conversations

  • Author's Name :  Linda Chen
    About the Author :  Hailing from the lands of the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people (Canberra), Linda Chen is a writer, performer and multidisciplinary artist who works across Australia in theatre, film, interdisciplinary art and applied drama. Her work often explores immigrant stories and stories of displacement and identity; notions of family, home and culture; relationships in a tech-driven world and finding agency in challenging social constructs. As a writer, past major credits include her one woman show turned audiovisual installation what is saudade is yuánfèn is longing. As actor, she has featured in Maura Pierlot’s Fragments (The Street Theatre) and in Anna Breckon and Nat Randall’s durational film project Rear View, a single take, 90-minute rear projection film piece installed at the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art for the inaugural Macfarlane Commissions. Linda holds a Bachelor of Arts(Hons.)/Commerce from the Australian National University, majoring in English and Finance and minoring in Film Studies and Human Rights. Her Honours thesis was centred on questions of ethics and efficacy in the use of applied theatre and simulated environments to foster cross-cultural communication. She lives in Canberra, drinks an egregious amount of tea and likes most things experimental. Find Linda and her work at or @unromanaclef on Instagram.
    Book ISBN :  9781005426750
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