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Description of the Book:

The hushed whispers of the night guide me to a pathway, and in this search of serenity, I choose to write poems even if it requires me to have my heart broken again and again. ‘Tinted Symphonies’ is a curation of 20 poems and prose, each one narrating a different story of suffering, healing and rising. Each poem covers a journey of finding inner peace and the process it involves to gather shattered fragments of our soul. This book explores various aspects of revealing buried memories in the darkest chambers of our heart and the power of emerging stronger from the ashes of dejection, prejudices and hatred. Every word, every piece has been poured with the hope that it leaves at least a tiny bit of impact on anyone who reads it.

Tinted Symphonies : Poems of Heartbreak, Hope and Healing

  • Author Name : Anuja Randive
    About the Author : Anuja Randive is originally from Mumbai, India but has been living in the Netherlands since the past six years. She usually finds solace in putting her thoughts and imaginations into words during the silence of the night, and mainly derives inspiration from the elements of nature and every tiny thing she comes across along the way. Apart from being a poet by passion, she works as a creative writer and copywriter and runs her freelance writing business. When not into writing, she loves spending her time painting, travelling or cooking. She’s obsessed with cats and chocolates, and considers them as the best healers on gloomy days. You can get to read more of her poetry on Instagram at @words.and.imaginations or on Tumblr at @wordsandimaginations.


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