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Description of the Book:

The moon does not consider any phase better than another, she just glows, equally stunning at each turn. Why should our lives be any different?’ When an infant cry, calls for its mother. The mother’s heart gets tied in a string on hearing the wailing sound. She feels the urge to stop doing everything else and just gather her little one in her arms. But she wasn’t like this always? Was she? She was also a little kid once. Brought up and cherished with love. Rummage through the pages of Time on Earth to relive the past and see through the future.

Time on Earth

  • Author's Name: Bhavya Gupta
    About the Author: Bhavya Gupta was born and raised in the pink city, Jaipur. Having had the most wonderful childhood with a younger sister and a younger brother, she enjoyed childhood for a longer span than most. Her treasured novels would even accompany her on most of the family trips or gatherings. Her love for literature was nurtured as a child by her parents. From what started as an interest in the criminal genre soon shifted to philosophy, poetry and classics. Even in the corporate world, when she wasn’t working on deliverables, she would be found spending her leisure time in her office’s library. Time on Earth is Bhavya’s first poetry collection in print.
    Book ISBN: 9781005617561


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