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Description of the Book:

There is an innocence that comes with oldschool love, whether it be the first time you gaze at each other, the first time you hold hands or the first moment you realize you have feelings for the other person! This book is a means to give back to Someone you have fallen in love with, the person you passionately care about, the person who makes your heart smile while simultaneously making it skip a beat, that special someone who inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

Till the world ends

  • Author Name: Vedanth Rey
    About the Author: Vedanth Rey is a 24yearold designer, dancer, video creator and music producer. He holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design and is also a certified dance and fitness coach. He discovered his love of writing at the age of 23. He has loved art since he was a young boy. As an introvert, he finds it hard to speak, but words are helpful in expressing his heart and what he loves. He stayed with the aim of exploring other art forms that interested him at the time, and still does.
    Book ISBN: 9783916849161


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