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Description of the Book:

I believe that we are just an individual, there are thousands of different stories around us every day. Each person will have a different story, each thought within a single person will construct a distinct scenario. All we have to do is listen to them, this time not just with our ears but also with our eyes wide open.
This book 'Through the eyes, by the heart' is an extraction of my observations around me, produced by observing through eyes and putting them together through my heart. The poems are based on things that have happened; people who are sad, people who are happy, people who wait for better things to come, who are in love, who lost their love and the people who are trapped in an unending cycle of misery. I have put their stories from my perspective into my words. Each poem is related to a person or a scenario that I came across. Some poems are symbolic whereas some are directive. Each poem is heartfelt and based on the true stories observed by me.
Hope you will enjoy the book!

THROUGH THE EYES, BY THE HEART:Poems Inspired by the Stories Around Me

  • Author Name:Priyanka Aswal
    About the Author:I am a NIFT graduate Textile Designer and soon to complete a Master's in Marketing and Brand Management from London. I have always been a creative head since I was a kid. Sketching in my free time was one of my favorite things to do; the second was writing poems. I always used to take part in different competitions and win prizes. Seeing my enthusiasm for writing my mother was the one who always persuaded me to write more and to never stop. I observed how my father was so good at noticing things around him and always telling me different stories. I learned from him that a writer can never be out of themes. Here I am today, writing a set of poems for my first book 'Through the eyes, by the heart'. Of course, it won't be perfect, but hey nothing is perfect, it's all about the curve of learning right?I really hope that you will enjoy my first book!Much LovePiyanka Aswal


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