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Description of the Book :


We are all a little lost some times. Lost in oceans of ourselves. Lost in the waves of people surrounding us. Lost in a the tides of life.
But we are not alone in these times - something we might forget every now and then. You just have to start to talk about what affects you and as soon as you share it with the world, a lot of people around you can relate to whatever it is that's touching your heart and soul.
This is my way talking about what's going on inside me and maybe you can feel something similar or even the same. I'm not alone with it and neither are you. Some poems will be in English, some in German - just like I felt it in that very moment.
Let's dive into the beautiful and deep oceans of ourselves - there is so much to discover and so many treasures that want be found.

Through Oceans - Meer Wege

  • Author's Name : Miri Dings
    About the Author : Miri loves books and words, reading and writing since she was a little girl. From early on, she decided that she wanted to share her stories and feelings with the world. During her road trip through Southern Europe in 2019 she has reconnected with reading and writing - poetry, stories, thoughts. Two years later, she studies in Hamburg and her dream has finally come true.
    Book ISBN : 9788264892593
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