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Description of the Book:

A lover of nature, finds their inspiration. A seeker of life, finds their motivation.
A courageous soul, finds themselves. An innocent heart , finds their feelings.
A smart mind, finds their answers. In a world where many face loss,
Their feelings broken and lost.
The future ahead is unpredictable,
Where many still feel invisible. We learn from our daily mistakes,
And change ourselves before it's too late,
We awaken from our naive slumber,
To realize the state humanity is under.
So, we raise our voice to speak in words,
With hope, that we are heard.

Through My Eyes : An Anthology of Manifold Musings

  • Author Name:KIM ANN
    About the Author : Kim Ann, born Kimberley Fernandez is a 20 year old student with an unbridled passion for writing. She completed her schooling in St. Josephs, Convent in Trichy and is pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication in Holy Cross College. She has achieved multiple feats, with several trophies and medals for her talent in writing and speaking. She is dynamic and has assumed leadership roles in both school and college respectively. Her love for books knows no bounds. She has also published several books in an online writing platform popularly known as Wattpad and has garnered thousands of views and votes as a result. She lives in Trichy, Tamil Nadu with her dad, brother and dog, Lassie.


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