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‘I am covered now, With drapes of water, Slowly and then swift, None and then all at once’ ~ Kamakhya Ranjan Through years of writing, scribbling, erasing and then writing again, this is where it all sums up into one. Poems narrating the journey through love, loss, hurt, seemingly endless wars within, the slow bittersweet healing and finally reaching the home within oneself, all of it painted together with words through my heart and soul. All of this, once mine, and now all yours.

Through Landscapes to Home.

SKU: 9781005256593
  • Author's Name: Kamakhya Ranjan
    About the Author: Kamakhya Ranjan is a student building her career in the field of textile and fashion design. She spent the majority of her life in Nagpur, India while shifting through cities like Shillong and Bhubaneswar and is currently living in Hyderabad, India.
    Book ISBN: 9781005256593


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