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This book is a collection of poems by a woman who aspires to achieve all her ambitions. From a healthy family life to the struggles of a working mother who continues to study and raise her business baby, this book reflects all she has to go through and balance her life. At times using her psychologist-smart cognition to days of just abundance and some carrying distress at most.

This poetry book delves into the life of a working mother. The threads of her dreams that she wants to achieve, the time she wants to fulfill with her family and her small business.

It often gets difficult to balance work - life and personal - life. Through her arms of poetic accents in various places, the author is trying to express her discomfort of getting to live life in all roles she possibly can.

The realm of dreams unachieved is beautiful yet challenging. To be a mother and not be guilty is one unimaginable thing. To be married and not getting time with the spouse leads to miscommunication. To be a daughter and not getting time enough to find out about parents or not look after them, leads to further guilt. It is with our parents-in-law too, that we tend to feel this way if they are not attended to well by us.

How does one get past all these and yet be an achiever?

It is more difficult than thought about. But, with the right amount of support, warmth, and care from the family you are a member of, it all becomes possible.
Nothing in life is easy, but nothing is all impossible. Understanding each other's emotions in tough times at each phase in life becomes harder than assumed. It also becomes the key to each family member being able to sail the boat of achievements and joy.

The book is an influence I have received from my maternal granny and mother, and my mother-in-law. My granny and mom-in-law have been working mothers. My mom sacrificed her well-being and life to her children's growing years. My father and my father-in-law have stood to support me till the day. For me to be able to achieve and do higher studies is no game. My husband, my love and eternal haven on earth - I can write my heart into words with his unconditional support.

The book is a light on the chapters of this immense strength that comes when you become a mother. It does make us weaker on days, and stronger on the others. Life is a road of hurdles and avenues, I live up to face each hurdle every single day with a smile that I can carry to make others hearts full of joy. I hope you like the way it has been compiled.

Threads of a Mother's Dreams

SKU: 9789363318328
  • Author's Name: Ramneet Kaur Narula

    About the Author: The author is an ambitious woman with many interests in life. She is a psychologist, coach, and trainer by profession who runs her private practice. Ramneet is also a mother to a beautiful baby boy who her life revolves around. The author is also currently a PhD Scholar. her interest in poetry writing has been imbibed in her through her grandmother who was an English teacher with a Master in English Literature. her books continued to inspire the little poet and it still sparks a little joy while she writes tiny pieces of her heart into poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9789363318328
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