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Description of the Book :


There really isn't a theme to this book. With every turn of a page there will be new adventures to take, this book exposes the strange twists and turns my life has taken. The only way I can describe it is telling you to buckle up keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times and enjoy the rollercoaster I have called my life

Thoughts of a silent mind

  • Author's Name :  Hayden Bay
    About the Author :  Hello my name is Hayden Bay. I'm a mentally ill 22 year old non binary polyamorous pansexual who has found my voice through the art of writing. Poetry saved my life at 14 and has continued to keep my alive ever since. When borderline personality disorder got the best of me or when depression and anxiety were my best friends or when the drugs seemed to consume me, poetry was always there to help me, heal me, guide me. I've been through far to much for any one person to deal with but with the help of my chosen family and friends and the crutch that poetry provides I'm still here even after loosing my child to a miscarriage I'm still here and all I want to do is share my story. I hope it helps other hurting souls out there.
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