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Description of the Book:

This collection of poems is a labour of love and time, during a period in history when time with our loved ones was brief and fleeting. Covid had taken much from us, and I did not want to dwell on that - I wanted each poem to have a beauty, emotion and style totally separate from the pandemic - hopefully you see that in the pages within.

Thoughts Of A Melanin Girl

  • Author's Name: Adeola Lamb
    About the Author: My name is Adeola Lamb - I am a 35 year old mixed race poet from Leicester; I am now living in the North West with my Husband and 9 year old daughter. We have plenty of adventures with family and friends all over the Cheshire and Wirral countryside, enjoying plenty of time at the local beaches, forests and Chester zoo. I have been writing poetry since I was 13, and have quite a collection that no-one has ever seen or read - and have only recently found support and a poetry community through the none profit group Testify Poetry; here I have found a lot of inspiration and love that has kept me pushing forward with my poetry journey. During my life I have had many set backs - including not getting the degree I worked so hard for when I graduated at 21 - since then I have worked many a job in restaurants and as a carer, working to gain my NVQ's in health and social care in order to do the only career I thought I knew how. A few years ago 3 people gave me a chance as a teaching assistant in my local high school - and the teachers I met there pushed my potential much more than I though I was capable - I was inspired to retake my 3rd year at university and subsequently have secured my place at Chester University to complete a PGCE in Secondary English. I cant wait to complete the next segment of my life, I hope to continue to write, publish my work and eventually become a teacher - prove you can do what you set out to do if you work hard enough.
    Book ISBN: 9781005822347


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