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Description of the Book:

I hope you are able to find comfort and solidarity in my thoughts. I hope you are able to relate to my ups and downs. I hope some of my words also give you a laugh. Most of all, I hope you are able to pick up on my feelings on topics that need to be talked abThis book is the culmination of twenty demanding days of writing poems for #TheWriteTrack. Each poem seems to have very little in common but they have influenced each other. I followed each train of thought extensively and also ended up baring my truest self. Some are lighthearted, some are not. However, each one of these poems comes from the very bottom of my heart. out. I gave this my all, so I hope you feel it and can connect with it. Happy reading!

Thoughts Diverge

  • Author Name: Rhea Bagchi
    About the Author: Hi, I'm Rhea Bagchi. I'm 16 years old and currently a student. I read a lot and it inspired me from a very young age to write as well. So, I started out sending my work to my school magazine. I also entered Katha Utsav twice and have been recognized for my work. I have also been published in an anthology of stories and poems before. When I'm not using words to express my thoughts, I use art. You can also find me on Instagram (@kaleidoscopic_view), I'd love to connect! 


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