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Description of the Book:


This collection of poems: ‘Thought, Not Spoken.’ is a series of thoughtful reflections woven into simple yet impactful verses. In these pages, we journey through the rather noisy spaces of the mind and heart, where much is discussed within the inner playground, without being spoken out loud.

The poems explore unspoken conversations we all have with ourselves and the world around us.

I hope these everyday insights will resonate with you and as you journey through the pages, you will find a shared perspective, a common experience, or maybe a new way of looking at something that dots the landscape of your everyday life.

Whether it is the silence of a moonlit night through a windowpane or the comforting embrace of a familiar memory, these poems capture the essence of pause and introspection.

For those who find solace in the written word, ‘Thought, Not Spoken’ is a treasure trove of moments to cherish, to reflect upon, and to hold close to the heart. I invite you to dive in and explore the many voices that speak within the seeming silence of an observant mind.

Thought, Not Spoken.

SKU: 9789360941130
  • Author's Name: Bharti Athray

    About the Author: Bharti Athray has been in the field of Creative Communications for over 2 decades. A graduate of English Literature, she has always enjoyed poetry that enables readers see simple seemingly invisible aspects of our lives through the lens of poetry. In this series of poems, she shares her thoughts on new status symbols, fears, judgments, nature and more. Apart from being a writer, Bharti loves arts and crafts, engaging with people and listening to heartfelt stories from friends and strangers alike. She runs her own advertising agency in Mumbai and volunteers for various women's communities such as Lean In Mumbai Network, WICCI Financial Literacy & Management Council, etc.
    Book ISBN: 9789360941130
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