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Description of the Book:

Life in itself is a conglomeration of multiple emotions. Poetry is “a deal of joy and pain and wonder” says Gibran. ‘THISTLE’ is one such compilation of complex thoughts finding space in the paper. It shreds speckles of nature, lost love, love and self-recollection. ‘THISTLE’ presents both of its thorns and flowers to you; as life presents itself to us.

THISTLE: Of flowers and thorns.

  • Author Name:Kalpana. K
    About the Author:Kalpana Kumarasamy is a 21-year-old budding poet. Believes in poetry, universe and connections. Published her debut book in the name of “THISTLE”. Wink. She pursues her master degree in English Literature from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. Always up for stories, tea and tantrum. Wink again. Loves her books and dog so much and spends most of her time with them. One life; Be kind.


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