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Description of the Book :


How much can happen in a day? How many moments can be packed in the pocket of time between waking and falling asleep? Can meaning be pulled from the most mundane, everyday experiences?

From the strange sensation of standing in a moving elevator to watching shadows, debut poet Elise Stankus uses everyday experiences to explore these and more questions of the human experience. Written by the author of If We Fall In The Forest, This Strange Between is an honest and thoughtful exploration of a single day in the life of a person, with poignant and introspective undertones of love, loss, and faith. In a cascade of sonnets, quatrains, limericks, and free verse, it celebrates the rhythm of life, the beauty of routine while still leaving room for the spontaneous.

This Strange Between

  • Author's Name : Elise Stankus
    About the Author : Elise Stankus lives in New Jersey with her parents, younger brother, and rabbit. When she is not writing, she enjoys playing various musical instruments, reading all sorts of books, and exploring the world by bike. Elise currently attends college in the Philadelphia area, where she is pursuing an English degree.
    Book ISBN : 9785975789754
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