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Description of the Book:

This book is for You - the one who is seeking more, seeking solace, licking wounds.
Your want for healing of your self is more than necessary - it is an act of rebellion and love. Doing what is right for your self, seeking healing for the deepest hurt in you, and desiring the salve that will start that healing - that is a beautiful, important thing to desire.

Let these pages be your salve. Let them begin to weave their healing words directly to your heart. Set onto a journey of soul nourishment and deep comfort.
From one healing heart to another, This Is Where The Healing Starts, will light that fire in you. Let me warm you, and together we can heal.

This Is Where The Healing Starts

  • Author Name: Toni Francis
    About the Author:  Toni Francis is a writer who’s words have been jotted in journals, across pages, for decades. After a life-altering event in the June of 2020, Toni felt her life went on pause: her health, her work in education, her degree, and (it felt) much of her identity. Through writing this book - and the works to come - the solace and hope sparked something within her that Toni hopes will alight in you also. Finally leaping into the world of published work, this first book is a nod to us all. Her writing is soul food; her aim is for us to journey toward healing alongside one another, her words nourishing us along the way.
    Book ISBN: 9780661379233


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