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Description of the Book:

If you like to read a bit of long poems with a touch of humor in them by a new and young writer, who didn't start with reading poetry first but downright decided to write her own poetry book without any experience, than this is the book for you . THIS IS ME.. BUT IN WORDS...! Is the author's first work to get published and she would like to have a good audience for her creative work . In this Anthology there are 21 poems (which is exactly the age of its writer) all with different themes and you'll definitely feel emotionally connected with them. If you love your family and want them to know this then this is just the book to gift them. I hope you'll enjoy reading those that are subtle in tones & are humorous & witty but at the same time I wish that the other's which are somewhat serious one's will make you think deep & brood over them. But I guarantee an overall delightful experience to my readers young and old alike...!


  • Author Name: Shalini Venkatrao Kharath
    About the Author: The Author was born on 26th of June 1999 , and was raised in Bidar, Karnataka. She's currently studying for Masters in English Literature from the Central University of Karnataka. Her Father is a Professor of Sociology in Govt Degree College, Aurad, affiliated to Gulbarga University and her mother is a housewife . She developed a passion for writing during the lockdowns and this is her first book to get published. when she isn't studying or writing poetry she loves to spend her precious time reading Victorian era novelists. She's a selfsufficing happy person and you would not find her on any of the mainstream social media sites. She values her privacy but is not antisocial. She's just more happy ,peaceful & productive without it and doesn't think of it as a life necessity. She likes to devote her entire time to her mother and younger sister, her hobbies and a very few friends in real world. But she's a bibliomaniac and always craves for more interesting books . She dreams of becoming a writer and a Professor,making a career in English Literature.
    Book ISBN: 9789555394192


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