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Description of the Book :


Turmoil, heartache, destruction and joy, exploration, pleasure; This Is Life. This Is Life is a collection of fresh contemporary poetry rich with modern topics that we all experience during the rollercoaster ride of our lives. From a spider’s exploration of the female body to a delightfully vengeful bitterness towards society as we know it, this dynamic collection of poetry has been written for YOU. Sit back and get lost in the whimsical, scandalous and revolutionary poetry of the modern age.

This Is Life

  • Author's Name :  Imogen Swash
    About the Author :  IMOGEN SWASH studied English Law with American Law at the University of East Anglia, opting to study several out-of-school English literature and Creative Writing courses as part of her degree. She was born and raised in Burton-Upon-Trent, England and has six individual poems published in various anthologies. This is her first whole collection of published poetry.
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