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Description of the Book:

Rhymes, Rhythm, and Beats (a collection of poems)

Thinking Out Loud

  • Author Name: Santosh Balmiki
    About the Author: Santosh is a Human Resources Professional by profession. Hails from the city famously known as the ‘Scotland of the East’; Shillong, Meghalaya. Artist at heart, he is in love with the magic that words can create. As a teenager, many of his poems have been published in magazines like 'The Northeast Sun' and 'The Eclectic'. His poems are written in simple language, based on mostly romantic themes and on different experiences of his life that anyone can relate to. Grab a copy of this book and sit in the cozy corner of your room with a hot cup of coffee to enjoy the real magic of words, rhymes, and rhythm.
    Book ISBN: 9789319434836


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