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Description of the book:

The book is a simple entry to the daily life of the author. What she sees daily and what she thinks about it, she meets different people on her way to office and all of them affect her in a different way. Finally you will get to see how all theses small instances join in a beautiful way to conclude the poem.


  • Author Name: Yashika_Inkblot
    About the Author: The Author is a amateur writer with some previous experience of writing and has a undying love for all that is fiction and especially the kind of fiction that resonates with life the most. A huge fan of variety of authors from Jane Austen to Louisa May Alcott to Premchand and Arthur Conan Doyle. But an all time loyalist of JRR Tolkien. This is her first step towards the lifelong dream to make a place in the hearts of people by her words .


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