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Description of the Book:


There Is a Light That Never Goes Out is a compilation of twenty poems on various topics including capitalism, spirituality, and adolescence. Using tones both humourous and grave, uplifting and downtrodden, this short book of poems is sure to intrigue anyone interested in colorful takes on the human psyche and the effects of the modern mind on the world.

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

  • Author Name: Aaron Petrone
    About the Author: Aaron Petrone is a 19 year old (poor) college student currently living in Quebec, Canada. Originally from the forgotten state of Idaho, he has always had a pronounced appreciation for the natural world and its workings, which have inspired him in his poetry writing more than anything else. He wrote There Is a Light That Never Goes Out in hopes that it would reach like-minded people who enjoy observing the world (and also in the hopes it would make him a little less poor).
    Book ISBN: 9781159577551


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