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Description of the Book :


"Some feelings aren't expressed so they're just written off..."

Thepoetswizdom - "A journey towards poetry"

  • Author's Name :  Anshika Pandey
    About the Author :  Unlike others, her life has always been on roller coaster of abundant ups and downs. Moving ahead, she engaged many but found that one . She's a girl of 17 from india called as Anshika Pandey who always believed in herself and also on her skills which she persue in the fields of writing. She is who always believed in that one constant story- the people who like flying aren't scared of falling down. For her the moon is her acquaintance and the dark sky her home. She been herself every single day 'cuz she went betrayed from the fakes..... A lover of writing since ages- Anshika.
    Book ISBN :  9781005896317
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