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Everything written in this book is inspired by an emotion I have felt, an experience I have lived through, or I have felt through those around me. I titled this book "The World Behind Her Eyes" because oftentimes there is an endless sea of emotion and thought in my mind, and yet no one beside myself is aware of that. I hope that this touches you, and helps you to feel seen, in whatever emotions are expressed in these poems. I hope that you might see you are not the only one who has felt these things, whether good or bad, but most of all I hope that you might share this with others whose more complex thoughts you may or may not understand.

The World Behind Her Eyes

SKU: 9789358313680
  • Author's Name: Eliza Klaski

    About the Author: I have always had a knack for writing, but only over the past few years have I begun exploring this gift and taking it more seriously. As the fifth child of eleven, I have always had plenty of stories to write about, but out of the different styles of writing, poetry has always been my favorite. At just 21 years old I have experienced many different countries, ways of life and people that have touched my heart in different ways. Some experiences leaving me sad, and others leaving me fulfilled and ready for more, but through all of these different seasons of life, one thing that has remained with me to process and share them is my writing. Which, in this book I have the privilege of being able to share with you. I hope you are touched by these things I have written, and in some ways, if necessary, seen. Thank you for supporting me in this dream of mine!
    Book ISBN: 9789358313680
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