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Description of the Book:


She got dropped out of her MBA college and became totally clueless about her life. All she did was write. She dated words like never afore. An affair that the moon blushed all night and the sun kissed away all the melancholy within her. Ever since there was no looking back! Words became her safe kind of high. Her home. Her all! During the times, she penned down a few poems which you would be reading inside. And she just wants to make your hearts smile with her words. All about self-love, poetry, and musings. An ode to the reader, "None of us is a perfect story but each one of us is surely having some excerpts worth reading worth learning from!". @n.d.writes

The Words You Need To Hear

  • Author Name: Nancy. Dsouza
    About the Author: Nancy Dsouza (Emm that's not her real name though :P) But she says she likes the Dsouza, well whatever that's not important! Her pen name @n.d.writes. She was born and brought up in Bangalore but currently resides in Nagercoil a town in Kanyakumari. Mom's pet, hogs a lot of chicken and chocolate. Content Writer by profession and poetess by passion. She is currently dating all the alphabets in the English language (uff bluhsinggg!) One of her best days was college, she emphasizes that every individual should experience hostel life because that's where she found her best friends for life. If not writing you can find her reading books, texting her fiancé (yess, she's getting married- Eeee), video calling her friends or maddening her beloved mother.


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