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Description of the Book :


From exploring the poetics of the natural world within forests, waves and creatures, to the depth of the human mind and emotions and everything in between, this collection stands as the first of Ellie Coxall's work.

The Wooden Balloon - A Poetry Collection

  • Author's Name : Ellena Coxall
    About the Author : Ellena Coxall (Ellie for short) is a 20 year-old third year student from North Wales. Currently studying Creative & Professional Writing at Bangor University, she has always had a heart and an ambition to write. From the age of 4, she's delved into the works of Dickens, Enid Blyton, Michael Bond and later on discovered her love of classic literary writers such as the Brontë sisters, Shakespeare and R. L Stevenson. From sending in her stories to Blue Peter and the BBC Radio 2 Writing competition from a young age, it is a privilege to Ellie that this her first formal piece of published work.
    Book ISBN : 9783013449097
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