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Description of the Book:

The wisdom of soul is a collection of poems; falling into different categories of themes like motivation, selfawareness, spirituality, health and lifestyle written by Jyostna Dey.

This set of poems are relevant to every reader's life experiences happening in day to day life.
It manifests the mind into deep thinking and reconnecting with your true self.

That also speaks about the author's life experiences, beautifully written in poetic verses. It will help the reader to explore their imagination and surroundings. How does that change and inspire a person's mindset?

Give a read to this book; to know the unrealistic or too realistic world of how this book, the wisdom of the soul connects you to your personal growth.
The book is easily available on amazon.

The Wisdom Of The Soul

  • Author Name: Jyostna Dey
    About the Author: Jyostna Dey is a freelance content writer and digital marketing consultant from Delhi. She is a social media expert and provides freelance content writing services. As a content writer, she crafts quality and useful content, although she is a creative writer, also writes business, Academic and technical articles. Along with that, she is proficient in writing reviews and blogs for different website content. She writes unique compelling content which keeps the readers engaged and also does have 100% sales value with high conversion. She is a postgraduate in M.A. Political Science from Ramjas College, Delhi University, a content writer and digital marketer. And have worked with different clients like spectrum management, IpubPro, Nutriliva, Ect and Sixpl. Apart from that many of her articles got published on various platforms one of them is and She has her own website namely –
    Book ISBN: 9782928084928


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