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Description of the Book:


I am giving you twenty one pieces of me. Paint them in your colour and wrap them in your fragrance. Hopefully one of them will plug the void within you.

Of everyone this strikes a chord with
For you
By me

The Wilted Flower Serenades

SKU: 9789360948283
  • Author's Name: Shubhi Saxena

    About the Author: Shubhi Saxena, an engineer hailing from Gurgaon, Haryana, India, has a passion for literature that rivals her technical acumen. Despite her demanding profession, Shubhi remains dedicated to nurturing her creative spirit and makes sure that her pen doesn't make it to the dusty corner of the room.Shubhi loves articulating her innermost thoughts through writing. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, she loves to step into the shoes of the people around her to see what life looks like from their point of view. Whether on love, loss, or hope, her poems never miss to find a place in the reader’s heart.As an author, she invites readers to join her as she embarks on her own literary journey where she strives to give them words that feel more theirs than hers.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948283
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