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Description of the Book :


The Wilderness Whispers is a collection of soul-soothing poetry born out of moments of stillness the author experienced while spending time in the wilderness. These poems offer glimpses into the beauty of the natural world - the mountains rivers and forests. They are rich in imagery and infuse a certain stillness into a life-weary soul. Hidden within each poem are nuggets of wisdom from life-lessons learnt in the accepting embrace of nature. This collection is a perfect companion on a rainy day or when you feel the need to disconnect from the noise of gadgets and people.

The Wilderness Whispers

  • Author's Name :  Vidya Subramanian
    About the Author :  Vidya Subramanian is an ardent nature lover who is also passionate about art and poetry. Her creative expression through words as well as images have strong elements rooted in the natural world. She made a major shift in her life a couple of years into her research career, to pursue something that was more meaningful to her. She worked with underprivileged children in the field of education only to feel dissatisfied with a system that treated life as a race, and was insensitive to nature as well as children. She dabbled in gardening and blogging before she found a community of people working in the area of learning through natural farming and basic life skills with an aim to bring in more consciousness into everyday living. She carves out time for poetry and art no matter how busy her schedule gets. She paints with foraged natural pigments to express herself and her love for nature. She shares her creativity through her Instagram handle @creativesomethings.
    Book ISBN :  9781005955694
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