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Embark on a poetic journey through the heart's spectrum with 'Whispers Within: 21 Poems.' Delving into the tapestry of personal experiences within the dance of life, it pens down a wide spectrum of human emotions - the hues of love and heartbreak, conversations with God, the resilient spirit of hope, the depths of pain, the weight of grief, the shadows of deception, fleeting moments of happiness and the search for a meaning in life . These verses weave together a narrative of the human soul, inviting readers to explore the diverse landscapes of emotion and find solace in the shared echoes of our existence.

The Whispers Within: 21 Poems

SKU: 9789358313567
  • Author's Name: Rekha Ramachandran

    About the Author: Meet Rekha Ramachandran, a girl next door, who, despite navigating the intricacies of the modern chaotic world, finds solace and inspiration in the written word. A soul deeply connected to nature, with a mind that often drifts into the clouds, she embraces a philosophical perspective that transcends the confines of the modern era. Rekha possesses a philosophical spirit, an ethereal mind grounded in the tangible yet constantly reaching for the intangible. While firmly planted in the present, there's a whisper of nostalgia in her words—a sentiment that echoes an era long past. Journey through the pages and witness the harmonious blend of the new world and poetic wanderings, as she invites you to explore the delicate dance between the virtual and the timeless.
    Book ISBN: 9789358313567
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