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Description of the Book:
When your vocal cords stop producing sounds, your pen starts uttering your thoughts and a paper always being the ultimate listener. At the end, the book becomes a conversation. The Vulnerable Vocal Cords is a compilation of poetries that deals with the internal mental battle one fights with himself. There are times where the Vocal Cords responsible for speech becomes helpless and silence turns out to be a necessity.The load becomes heavy enough to hold on and one starts speaking to his own soul. Questioning, Answering , Fearing , Solving and Healing all rely upon the his ownselves. Those words exchanged with his own soul turns out be the ultimate weapon to conquer upon his own thoughts at the end. This book deals with such words expressed on papers that our voices failed to release. It conveys messages through expression of emotions released at various instances of life. Love, sorrow, struggles, confusion and realisation all compiled in one. A whole bunch of self talk session about turmoil, expectations and possibilities. Feelings atleast once felt by each individual at some point of their lives. This book is with an important message of making self trust as our first priority.


The Vulnerable Vocal Cords

  • Author Name: Aparna Nayak
    About the Author: 'When life gives you hundred reasons to cry show life that you have thousand more reasons to smile' is what the philosophy of leading a life for her. Aparna Nayak was born in 2000 in the silver city of Odisha, a beautiful part of India. Carrying a young blood she is a vivacious girl who believes in smiles and showers it to her friends and family. Basically she is a major in science but her love of writing has always put her in good space of life. She considers pen and paper as her best friends and finds it easier to reciprocate and express herself through this duo. Apart from this, her leisure is occupied by dance, music and paints. She is someone who loves to explore different aspects of her life and believes to be in perfect energy phase to do so. Her writings mainly focuses on expression of feelings that words couldn't describe so people might relate to her words for the same. Her writings often has celestial bodies as reference as she believes the existence of galaxy and life are correlated and is magical by itself.


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