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Description of the Book:

“Forever is a short time, how do we even know if forever is always?” The unsaid is a moving collection of poems on life, love, heartbreak that resonate our hopes, comfort and longing. It will leave the readers with the feelings of love, joy, wonder, peace, anger, courage, sadness and fear at the same time. A read that will be your friend on the brightest of the days and as well as on your darkest of nights.

The Unsaid.

  • Author Name: iरेna
    About the Author: Irenaa Malik is a poet, writer, and author of The Unsaid. She has also written for the anthologies, ‘With wide open eyes’ and ‘my powerful pen’. Currently pursuing an undergrad degree she lives by the saying “Make your life a story worth telling”, making every moment count. An aesthete, she has a redefined sensitivity toward the beauties of art and nature. When she is not writing she spends most of her time reading, photographing, travelling and learning. An old school heart, she loves handwritten letters. On most evenings she can be found sitting on her terrace with her mother listening to old classic songs. She writes with the hope that her words serve as a warm blanket to her readers on coldest of nights.
    Book ISBN: 9781005535803


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