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Description of the Book:


“The undying embers” express emotions from different spheres of life. It strings together the sentiments and ordeals to frame the power of love, self-care, empowerment, giving-in and winning. This book is crafted passionately to feed your soul and mind to which you can resonate and think in great depths.

The Undying Embers

  • Author Name : Anumeet Kaur
    About the Author : Anumeet Kaur was born in Delhi, the capital city of India where she worked as an architect. Besides designing spaces she is an environmental enthusiast, who believes in living a green and organic life. Additionally, she discovered her love for writing at a very young age and finds poetry a way to express emotions as well as experiences. Other than writing, she spends her time illustrating her poems, reading about celestial bodies, and exploring cities.


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