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Description of the Book:

If one is caught in the corner of confusion and seek to endure? This book will give you the bliss, relief and hope for your heart to cure. For this is to the beautiful hearts who have fallen in love but have never found the one, and all they wanted to express is left in their hearts. We our not here for sympathy, although the stories haven't complete, but to appreciate a true bonding and a happy life to live in. For some connections can make you hold on forever!

“The Teenage Complications”

SKU: 9781005067458
  • Author Name: Bricelia Assumption Dsouza
    About the Author: "A strong women doesn't follow the crowd, she is herself". A Niz Goenkar who adores nature, its aura besides the sea, aroma in the surrounded trees and the bliss in the wind, lives the soul delightfully at peace. Getting lost in books has been the biggest flex of the teenage years. I am Bricelia Assumption Dsouza 19 years of age and besides my love for books I have a keen interest in singing, fashion and playing outdoor games like badminton, seven titles and my personal favourite game the treasure hunt etc. Books are best friends for its true they do not demand nor complain, one can pour and write their entire heart and they would still embrace. Moto to follow in life: let the faith be bigger than the fear.
    Book ISBN: 9781005067458


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