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Description of the Book :

"Well things are never perfect, you know!" A teenage life is never perfect. A teen mind goes through a mixed bag of thoughts. Sometimes, even the smallest incidents occupy a salient part of a teen mind. It's like an entire universe of really messed up thoughts. Sometimes you feel, may be you're not living your life to the fullest; sometimes you just regret your stupid decisions; and sometimes you just find solace in the simplest things. This book is basically a journey through a teen mind --- a journey through thoughts, memories and experiences. At times, it's just about finding peace in the tranquil environment; at times, it's all about holding tight all the things that matter; whereas at times, it's about questioning the age-old practices of life! But anyhow, being a teenager is not easy. You want to question everything, when the world simply wants you to believe them. You want to explore the unexplored aspects of life, when the world just wants you to follow the footprints blindly. Creativity runs through your veins and your emotions are all over the place! "The Teen Mind" is a short collection of poems' revolving around the unfiltered thoughts and experiences of a 19 year old.

The Teen Mind: A Mixed Bag of Thoughts

  • Author's Name: Abhishikta Biswas
    About the Author: Born in Kolkata, India, Abhishikta has always been indulged in keeping her journals and daily diaries. She has always believed in the power of memories and loves to store her precious moments within the pages of her journal. If not around friends, she can almost always be found in front of her desk, engaged in some kind of creativity. Abhishikta has been writing poems since a very young age and has her own unique writing style. She mainly scribbles down about various aspects of her life. She completed her high schooling from Gokhale Memorial Girls' School and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Economics from Presidency University, Kolkata. "The Teen Mind" is her first book, which is a collection of poems revolving around diverse thoughts that crosses her blooming, teenage mind. She has always believed that the best way of expressing thoughts for a complete introvert, is through writing. Fun, deep and creative are the words that best describe her young and unique personality.
    Book ISBN: 9781005456559


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