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Description of the Book:

Poetry is literally the art of Painting Phrases with Pigments of Passion. Any lover of poetry would be intrigued to go through different themes of poetry in a single book. But what if the reader gets to go through not only different 'themes' of poetry but also different 'types' of them? Psych up to Revel and Relish the Ramble of Syllables - how they are used to create different tunes in poetry types and how the syllable count makes a poetry piece musically unique from the rest. The Syllabic Sonata is this attempt of notating the dulcet journey of the syllables through the trills of emotions.

The Syllabic Sonata

  • Author Name: Athulya S Nair
    About the Author: This is Athulya S Nair, a nineteen year old student of English Literature, from Kanyakumari. She pursues her degree at Bishop Heber College, Trichy. She is an aspiring poet and a feminist writer who has contributed to thirty plus published anthologies. She believes that "The Designs in our Destiny Do not Define our Destination, but our Decisions would". Reach out to her via email: . Follow her on instagram : a_dilettante_in_delight, if you are a fan of Poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9781005279264


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